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This month we are offering:

Buffalo Burgers & Steaks Combo Package



10lbs of Patty Buffalo Burgers


4 (8 oz) New York Strip Steaks


 our mini Buffalo Cookbook


10 lbs of Patty Buffalo Burgers / 4 New York Strip Steaks / Cookbook

Buffalo Meat for Sale


Item #:  GB725

Suggested Price:  $251.49

Our Price:  $239.49


Buffalo Bulk Burgers:

5lbs Bulk Burger

10lb Bulk Burger

15lb Bulk Burger

20lb Bulk Burger


Buffalo Patty Burgers:

5lbs Patty Burger

10lb Patty Burger

15lb Patty Burger

20lb Patty Burger


Buffalo Bratwurst


Buffalo New York

Strip Steaks:

4 -8oz Steaks

6 -8oz Steaks


Buffalo Ribeye Steaks:

4 -8oz Steaks

6 -8oz Steaks


Buffalo Roast


Buffalo Sirloin Steaks:

4 -8oz Steaks

6 -8oz Steaks


Buffalo Tenderloin


4 -8oz Steaks

6 -8oz Steaks


Buffalo Canned Meat:

Box of 6

Box of 12


Buffalo Jerky Sticks


Buffalo Heart


Buffalo Liver


Buffalo Tongue


Buffalo Cookbook



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